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For the last few months, we have been developing a new approach to community-generated media. Here's how it works:


1. Your product / service is making a great impact on the lives of customers, employees and your local communities. The value you’re adding would be great to capture for fundraising, social media, new marketing outreach, etc. Sharing good new content regularly is proven to be the best way to nurture your audiences.

2. You can’t afford to send professional film crews to each activity

3. Relying on your volunteers / employees doesn’t work - they may be distracted by their primary activities of the day, and might not have the technical skills to capture and quickly get footage to the right person at your organization for distribution

4. We manage your grassroots content needs by harnessing our national and global network of content creators, to affordably get you the footage you want, then edit it for the platforms that you use, with the branding that you need.

5. We work with you to schedule which events you’d want to capture each month, make sure we get the right person there to capture it, and after receiving the content from our creators, we work with you to edit it to fit your needs, and send it on to your team to distribute. 

See below an example of the kind of content we can produce, much more affordably than traditional production:

To get in touch and start discussing ideas, email us directly at

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